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April 1, 2014

KS Sen. Pat Roberts introduces S.2191, the

"Repeal of Rationing in Support of Life" bill

referring to the dangerous rationing imbedded in Obamacare.

Read why it is literally vital to support this bill: HERE

See related NRLC Obamacare report HERE

March 11, 2014

KS Judge Restores Incompetent Abortionist's License: HERE

MARCH 25th to DEC. 25th
Where your church can follow the 9 month journey of the unborn Christ Child, week by week in your church bulletin!

It's new. It's exciting!
Latinos for Life! HERE

Beautiful room where nearly 1.200 attended the KFL Banquet in Overland Park, KS Feb. 13th!
Speakers: Sen. Rick Santorum and Gov. Sam Brownback.
Next  KFL Banquet in KC slated for Feb. 12, 2015!

   There are PRO-LIFE reasons why
Heartbeat & Personhood bills
are NOT recommended now:
Updated version coming soon!

Abortion lobby’s errors and deceit about
KS pro-life bills HERE

Your Feb. 13 article (HERE) is just plain wrong! 
Read THIS for rebuttal to just one of your mistakes.
And one for the abortion and breast cancer issue is HERE, from www.bcpinstitute.org

KS Dept. of Health
150K hits in 26 months!X

 Nat'l RTL Response to Sup. Ct. Decision:HERE
Note: Obamacare's abortion, rationing and end-of-life threats remain even if HHS Mandate rescinded.

3-27-12 Former KS Abortionist Found Discarding Full-Info Abortion Medical Records in Recycler. KFL BLog story with important background: HERE.
Also see UPDATED 3-29-12 K.C. Star story: HERE

Newsletter Archive: HERE
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