Press Statement and Record on Life Issues of KS Governor Kathleen Sebelius - Written and Compiled by Kansans for Life

Press Release:  March 2, 2009 (some information added since that time) 


The George Soros funded so-called Catholic groups (Catholic United and Catholic Alliance for the Common Good) and others supporting the Kathleen Sebelius nomination as HHS secretary, are giving out misinformation about her views and votes on the life issues. To read the truth about those groups, and the truth about her record and the abortion issue in Kansas, see:

One key assertion by these groups which is patently false is that George Tiller's trial is the result of his being charged under a law that Kathleen Sebelius signed. In fact, the law he is being charged under is the 1998 Kansas late-term abortion law. That law was passed when Sebelius was state Insurance Commissioner and signed into law by Republican Governor Bill Graves.


Kansans for Life is the state affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee, Inc.  As the only organization on the ground at the Kansas state capitol every day the legislature is in session, Kansans for Life has issued this statement and history of the votes and vetoes of Kathleen Sebelius as a Kansas elected official.

Statement by Mary Kay Culp, State Executive Director, Kansans for Life March 2, 2009:

"Kansans for Life opposes the nomination of Kathleen Sebelius for Health and Human Services Secretary. Additonally, there are three main issues that need to be cleared up.

"One, abortions in Kansas went down in spite of, not in any way because of Kathleen Sebelius and any suggestion otherwise is purposely deceptive and insulting given her long and extreme pro-aboriton record. Abortions started going down when she was off being insurance commissioner and the 1997 Women's Right to Know law passed. After the 1998 law banning abortions of viable babies was passed, however, such abortion actually went up because exceptions to the "ban" were illegally exploited by late-term abortionist Tiller and Planned Parenthood. It wasn't until Phill Kline announced for and then became AG saying he intended to enforce Kansas late-term abortion laws that they came down and came down hard--now by almost 60%. (See more about this below in red)

"The second is the suggestion that Sebelius signed pro-life legislation willingly. This is not true. She has never, ever worked for such legislation, and only signed it when forced to.

"Governor Kathleen Sebelius only signed pro-life legislation when veto-proof majorities were bearing down on her, or as in 2005 when she signed two bills less threatening* to her supporters, in order to use all her political capitol to heavily and successfully lobby two Democrat state representatives to change their votes and sustain her veto of a clinic licensing bill adamantly opposed by her friend, and political donor, late-term abortionist George Tiller.

"In 2007, she signed Alexa's Law, an unborn victim's of violence bill, which she had a 20 year history of opposing**, after it was attached to another bill she wanted, and after favorable news coverage of very vocal support of the bill by the Brooks family of Wichita whose daughter, and 8 month gestation granddaughter, Alexa, were murdered for hire."

"The third concerns the dinner where she had late-term abortionist Tiller and his entire staff. The most significant thing about that dinner is a picture of Sebelius holding a T-shirt and pointing at Tiller. The T-shirt says: TRIFECTA: Sebelius, Parkinson, Morrison. This more than all the campaign finance reports (and they are available) points out the financial relationship and quid pro quo between those individuals.

*One bill was the restoration of matching grants for pregnancy/adoption referral centers, which had caused an uproar when she removed it the year before. The other was a bill requiring that DNA be taken for rape prosecution related to girls 13 and under.

** (See especially the part under Archbishop Strecker)

Statement by Kathy Ostrowski, Legislative Director, Kansans for Life March 2, 2009

"It unfortunate that Americans United for Life has inferred that Sebelius willingly signed some pro-life measures. As the largest, and leading, pro-life group actually present during the shaping and passage of Kansas legislation, Kansans for Life believes Sebelius' enormous political ambition and desire not to see her vetoes of key bills important to the abortion lobby overridden, dictated that some other pro-life measures would become law.

"Kansas' 2004 Bio-Science Authority was established within a huge economic development bill with unstoppable veto-proof support. Every year since its passage, however, Sebelius' hand-picked Health Policy Authority Czar and the pro-human cloning army of Stowers Institute and its shadow groups have worked tirelessly to gut the bill's embryo-protective policy. Sebelius vetoed a budget proviso banning state-funded cloning in 2006.

"A ban on assisted suicide was deftly achieved in 1997 and it is certainly misguided to attribute any credit for such continuing protection to Sebelius for not attempting to change carefully crafted opiate legislation promoted by the heavy-weight state medical society.

"The 2005 "triple play" on pro-life measures saw Sebelius vetoing the much spotlighted clinic licensure bill adamantly opposed by Tiller and Planned Parenthood. To make that veto more palatable, and secure a few pro-life Democrats votes to insure it wouldn't be overridden, Sebelius restored adoption referral/crisis pregnancy grants and quietly signed a crime bill to which had been added a genius, late-in-session amendment that required fetal DNA, from abortions of girls 13 and under, to be sent to the KBI ro protect potential rape prosecution . This action by Sebelius came amid the unfolding public expose of her direct intercession with the state medical board investigation of George Tiller, involving the death of a Down syndrome teen during a late-term abortion.

"The well-publicized outcry of a family seeking fetal homicide prosecution for murder-for-hire of a pregnant teen, tied to a long sought crime-bill, drove Sebelius' signing of Alexa's Bill. Again, this measure reflects political calculation to avoid a public relations nightmare, and which had no direct negative financial effect on the state abortion industry."


The following is from the following article: Sebelius, Shallenburger records on abortion summarized 9-7-2002, Lawrence Journal World:

While a Kansas state representative from 1987 through 1994, Kathleen Sebelius:

VOTED AGAINST giving parents the right to have to consent before a minor child’s abortion, and against a parent’s right to be notified of a minor’s abortion.

VOTED FOR an amendment to allow a girl to get around notifying a parent about an abortion.

VOTED AGAINST requiring a 24 hour waiting period prior to an abortion

VOTED AGAINST limiting post-viability abortions only to cases in which a woman's life is in danger.

VOTED AGAINST informed consent for women considering abortion.

VOTED FOR HB 2778, her bill to codify the U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision into Kansas law. It said an abortion after a fetus is viable was legal if the abortionist said it was necessary to preserve a woman's life or health, or if the fetus had a serious abnormality. It required counseling for minors but prohibited interference with clinics' business. This version was supported by the abortion lobby. 

VOTED AGAINST a version of her bill to codify Roe modified by others to remove the health exception (Note: health exceptions per Supreme Court precedent mandate inclusion of emotional/mental health as determined by the abortionist), and she also voted against it because unlike her version it required parental notification. Like hers it required counseling for minors, but it had an informed consent provision, and an 8 hour waiting period.

VOTED AGAINST a bill which tightened restrictions on post-viability abortions, required counseling for all women seeking the procedure and a 24-hour waiting period.

VOTED FOR an amendment to prevent social services from denying coverage of abortion under any of its medical programs.


The following is from research by Kansans for Life at the Kansas capitol legislative law library in 2006.

IN THE LATE 1980’S TO MID 1990’S, Sebelius voted with a tiny number of liberals who:

VOTED AGAINST a bill to punish businesses with pornography available to minors (Vote: 119-5; HB 2287, HJ 4/27/88, p. 2130)

VOTED AGAINST a bill to heighten penalties for drug-free school zone offenders (Vote: 111-10; HB 2578, HJ 5/1/90, p. 2364)

VOTED AGAINST a bill to add first time child molesters to a public registration list (Vote: 101-24; HB 2661, HJ 3/2/94, p. 1695)

VOTED AGAINST a bill to keep sexually violent predators confined indefinitely (Vote: 101-23; SB 525, HJ 4/27/94, p. 2476)


The following is from Kansans for Life Legislative Director Kathy Ostrowski 785-250-4502 or email References easy to locate through Kansas Legislative Research, Google, KFL Press Releases, etc.

As Governor (2002-Present) Kathleen Sebelius:

VETOED abortion clinic licensing claiming it was not needed because Kansas medical care already met high standards.

LINE-ITEM VETOED a budget proviso for matching grants to crisis pregnancy/adoption referral centers.

SIGNED UNDER PRESSURE the budget proviso for matching grants to crisis pregnency/adoption centers that she line-item vetoed the year before, when she needed political cover to stop an achievable override of her veto of abortion clinic licensing legislation (see below.) That override fell two votes short (after having passed both the House and Senate with a two-thirds majority) because of her intense lobbying of two Democrat state representatives. The pregnancy maintenance funds were restored by state legislators, but have been removed from the 2010 budget by Sebelius.

VETOED abortion clinic licensing again like she did in 2003, but this time she said it was because the bill only applied to abortion clinics (even though US Sup Ct has said it is constitutional to treat abortion differently.) There have been numerous ambulance calls to Kansas abortion clinics, and one known death in recent years. As recently as March 12, 2009, an ambulance took a young woman to the hospital Emergency Room from George Tiller's late-term abortion clinic in Wichita. Because of these vetoes, the Kansas Department of Health is not notified of injuries or deaths at Kansas abortion clinics.

VETOED a late-term abortion reporting bill which required reporting of whether post-viable abortions done under the exception for a substantial and irreversible threat to a woman’s health were for physical or mental health. This was sought because existing reporting requirements that were limited to partial-birth abortions showed they were ALL for mental health, as determined by the abortionist and a second doctor who cannot be legally or financially affiliated with the abortionist. (Note: infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller is currently charged with breaking that Kansas late-term abortion law by repeatedly using one doctor throughout 2003 to sign off on his determinations of the need for such abortions--a doctor whose sole income came from providing those referrals, and who was twice labeled a danger to the public by the state medical board.

LINE-ITEM VETOED a budget proviso that KDHE (Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment) must insure that the reports accepted from abortionists (concerning viable baby abortions) must specify a diagnosis. Link to Governor's letter:

From letter: "Section 65 has been line item vetoed in its entirety: I believe all Kansans support efforts to reduce the number of abortions, and those efforts are underway through a variety of support services, including expanded access to health care and the promotion of adoption and financial support for caregivers. All Kansans also want our laws upheld, including laws protecting the privacy of our personal medical records.

The questions required by this proviso are open-ended and request detailed information on a patient’s medical condition. Rather than collecting sound data that is able to be properly analyzed and protected, this proviso is likely to have little substantive effect, yet opens up patients’ private medical information to public viewing. This measure runs counter to Kansans’ strong belief in the importance of medical privacy, and therefore I veto this proviso."

VETOED C.A.R.A (Comprehensive Abortion Reform Act), once against citing concern for medical privacy despite the fact that passage would in no way threaten women’s medical privacy. The C.A.R.A. bill took steps to prevent coerced abortions, gave injunctive relief for suspected illegalt late term abortions and granted women the right to see an ultrasound if one was performed by the abortion facility. Sebelius' veto of this bill in particular received a strong rebuke of Sebelius from Kansas Archbishop Joseph Naumann.

REMOVED pregnancy maintenance funds from the planned 2010 budget which had been restored by state legislators in 2008. 

DECIDING: At this writing she has until March 30th to decide whether to sign, veto or not sign and allow to go into law the Women's Right to Know and See Act, which recently passed both bodies of the Kansas Legislature by veto-proof majorities.


History of Tiller Charges and Sebelius' Help to Stop Them, by Mary Kay Culp (related media stories to be attached)

Sebelius recruited Republican Johnson County, Kansas district attorney Paul Morrison to join the Democrat party to run against incumbent state AG Phill Kline who was investigating abortionist Tiller for doing late-term abortions outside the parameters set out in 1998 KS law.

During the campaign, Morrison said he would drop the investigation of abortionist Tiller. After being elected, Morrison dropped Kline's investigation of Tiller and charged Tiller with lesser crimes of being illegally affiliated with the doctor who was signing off on exceptios to the state viable baby abortion ban.

Morrison left office after a sex scandal. Sebelius appointed Stephen Six to replace him as AG. Assistant AG Barry Disney is pursuing the Tiller prosecution, scheduled for trial March 16th following Judge Clark Owens' dismisal of several motions to dismiss from Tiller's legal team. Much of the pre-trial defense motions are based on accusations related to the privacy of medical records subpoenaed by Philll Kline, the AG who initiated the investigation of Tiller and Planned Parenthood

Kline was found by the KS Supreme Court to be innocent of any illegal handling of the files, but one of the justices (Carol Beier) took the opportunity to criticize him at length. So unprofessional was that reprimand that the chief justice of the Court reprimanded Beier. However the chief justice is now retired and the new vacancy was filled by the law partner of the head of the KS Democratic party--making 4 of the 7 justices Sebelius appointees.

Current charges against Planned Parenthood are also pending, however, the Kansas Supreme Court has ordered the judge who originally found probable cause to be silent. (Key documents on request)


ALSO SEE: An AP article from June, 23, 2007 reported that Tiller’s PAC and non-profit spent $1.2 million dollars to facilitate Morrison’s win over Kline. During the election campaign, Morrison announced he would drop the investigation of abortionist Tiller.

ALSO SEE: KFL Press Release about Tiller dinner at Governor's mansion FEATURING 4 abortionists included in staff of over 20

ALSO SEE: KFL Press Release about Chief Justice Reprimanding Justice Beier for reprimand of Kline  (Justice Carol Beier was put on the KS Supreme Court by Sebelius--one of the 4 out of 7  who have been--and is reportedly a friend of Sebelius.)

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