Petition to Stop Abortion Clinic from Opening in Wichita

Please read the letter below and then sign the petition online: HERE  Encourage your friends to do the same by sending them the link. All Kansans are encouraged to sign, but especially those who live in Wichita.
Also, please download a copy of the petition HERE. Circulate to your friends, familiy, co-workers and people in your congregation! Return to KFL by Feb. 4th. See below.
Together let us
Dear Pro-lifer:
Now is the time for a peaceful revolt against abortion in Wichita!
As you may know, there is an effort to open an abortion clinic in Wichita.
For too many years, Wichita was known as the “Abortion Capital of the World”. We are ashamed of that title.
Wichita is a family friendly city. We love families. We love children. We would like the world to know that Wichita is a great place to live and raise a family.
Now, our peaceful city is threatened with the opening of another abortion clinic.
It is time for all of us, and our friends, to speak up.
Please help us circulate the enclosed petition and get thousands of signatures.
We need to tell the world, as well as the Wichita City Council and the Wichita – Sedgwick County Planning Commission that we do not want an abortion clinic in our residential neighborhoods.
Although this is just a public opinion petition, with no legal binding, it is important to inform all elected officials of our opposition to another abortion clinic in the Wichita area.
We want to present thousands of names to the Planning Commission and City Council.
We need your help in gathering these names. The only problem is that it has to be done quickly. Online is quickest, but we encourage you to, in addition, download a copy of the petition, make copies, circulate them for signatures and hand deliver or mail to Kansans for Life, 2501 East Central, Wichita, Kansas 67214 or fax to (316) 687-0303.
Please sign online by Feb. 4 (or put in the mail by Feb. 3) so we can deliver them to the Planning Commission on Feb. 5th!  
By the way, you are invited to attend the meeting on Feb. 5th (This was wrongly reported to be Jan. 29th before, but they do not meet when there is a 5th Thursday in the month.) 
The meeting starts Feb. 5th at 9:00am in the City Building at 455 N. Main.
Children are precious and should be nurtured and protected. Taking care of women with an untimely pregnancy is our—yours and my—responsibility.
Wichita is blessed with many organizations will to help women in need. There is a list on the reverse side of the survey petition. We encourage you to support these organizations.
There are literally thousands of women suffering from an abortion experience right here in Wichita. It is our duty to speak out on their behalf and tell the world that abortion hurts women.
We should be helping women and nurturing our babies – just the opposite of what happens at an abortion clinic.
Please circulate this survey petition:
· At church
· Among your friends and neighbors
· At meetings you attend
· At work
Let’s make it known that Wichita is a Family Friendly City and we do not want an abortion clinic in our city.
Yours for LIFE,
David Gittrich
State Development Director, Kansans For Life
P.S. Please consider supporting our pro-life efforts. Your donation can be tax-deductible and used for educational programs. Any gift, whether $20 or $2,000 is greatly appreciated!
P.P.S. Feel free to contact your local City Council representative:
Mayor Carl Brewer, Vice-Mayor Janet Miller, Lavonta Willaims, Pete Meitzner, James Glendenin, and Jeff Longwell. The last position was vacant at the time this petition was initiated.
The phone number for all City Council members is 268-4331.
The phone number of the Wichita – Sedgwick County Metropolitan Area Planning Commission is 268-4421.
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